Longbow Cruisers

From Acw

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Internal Memo

The Reichs Ministry of Information: Internal Memo concerning intercepted intel from the Schwarzestein Monitoring station on Mars.

Trasncript of intercepted communique between First Space Lord Allaware and Chief Project Engineer Michaels:

"My lord, the first Longbows are being powered up as we speak, they should be fully operational by the end of the month. We have encountered one small setback in the targeting algorithms, but our development crew expects to have this fixed and locked down in the next 72 hours. God Save the King. Michaels out."


This is the thrid time in the past 6 months that the Longbow class of space vehicle have been mentioned on encrypted channels. No one knows where they are building them, what their capabilities are. We must dispatch an intelligence crew to discover the location.


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