Longbow-Class Cruiser

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Name: George VII

Class: Longbow
Class-Type: Cruiser

Length: -
Width: -
Height: -

Speed: -
Range: -

Armour: -
Armament: Main: 6x 37mm 'Longbow' railguns in two 3-gun dorsal turrets

Secondary: Point defence kinetic cannon

Notes: -

This brand new class of British Cruiser is set to once again place the Royal Space Navy's ships ahead of all other spacefaring nations, pound for pound. The class was first identified in transmissions intercepted by The Reichs Ministry of Information's Schwarzestein Monitoring Station on Mars.

Concentrating all armament in a battery of six heavy railguns in two dorsal three-gun turrets, the Longbow cruisers are designed to concentrate all fire on single capital ship targets. The advanced targeting computers attached to these weapons systems give them unprecedented range.

The first operational squadron was first deployed to the limits of Neuostland's translunar space in the closing stages of the Neuostland Crisis, firing only warning shots at the Russian and German fleets engaged around Arminius. Commentators from both fleets reported the unnerving accuracy with which the railgun projectiles passed only meters from their hulls.

On the news of the arrival of the Arthur in the Griffin system, the squadron immediately re-deployed, supposedly via an FTL Coreship unnoticed by the fleets around Arminius, to that system to combat the Arthurian incursion.

Ships in Service

  • George VII (II)
  • William III
  • Edward Longshanks

Commissioned Ships

None known.

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