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Head of the Colgrevance Seat, Colgrevance Prime died mysteriously at the conclusion of the Arthurian Incursion.



The late Seat of Colgrevance, Colgrevance Smith was born on the Arthur to a commoner repair technician named Adam Smith and a Percival mother named Percival-Allison. He was schooled at the Nimue Central Education Sector, showing particular aptitude in resource management and administration. Upon coming of age, he underwent his enabling surgery and insertion into the Colgrevance Server Network.

Early years in Colgrevance

Initially he was placed in charge of the General Supply Sector, earning promotion after promotion until he ascended to the Seat on the Round Table, but quickly moved up the ranks through incredible dedication to his duties. As a Seneschal, he was responsible for the day to day management of the people and resources of the Arthur.

Contact Strategies

It was Colgrevance Smith that envisioned the controversial plan to begin production of pre-integration implants that could be implanted into children of the target planet, by then known to already be inhabited. Smith argued that these children could be swiftly integrated into the new Arthurian society that the seats were trying to establish. Many of his fellow Seats were not convinced. The plan went ahead nevertheless, with mixed success. The inhabitants of New Iowa were utterly repulsed by Colgrevance's actions, but to his credit he did not flinch in the prosecution of his duty. He continued to upgrade both the Colgrevance Network and his own integration systems to allow for the influx of new people that would soon be part of the Arthurian people.

Supreme Sacrifice

As the Arthur's systems were being jammed by the SS-Wissenschaftkorps, Colgrevance was overseeing ground operations from his research labs. It is unknown exactly how it happened, but outsiders have managed to glean that Colgrevance's self-sacrifice was integral in saving the Arthur from imminent destruction by the combined terrestrial fleets.

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