Bors Seat

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A newly-formed Arthurian Seat charged with administering the return to New Iowa.


The Return is Manifest

After the ground forces of Lancelot Seat secured the Confederated African States on New Iowa, it was discovered that the task of organising settlement and integration was too big for Colgrevance Seat. Colgrevance-2 was re-assigned to a new Seat, named Bors, for one the Arthurian knights who achieved the Grail in the legend. Bors Seat has the task of liaising with the government of the CAS, and overseeing the logistics of the Taliesinn doctrine alongside Taliesinn Seat's diplomats and Gawain Seat's manufactories.

The Future of Bors Seat

The fact that the Arthurians have built a brand new Bors Server is regarded as ominous in the extreme; it suggests that after New Iowa is settled, Bors Seat will not be disbanded. This leaves the question of further Arthurian conquests hanging.

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