B5 of 2007

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B5 of 2007 was one of the most wildest groups of all. They won Best Skit, and the entire group was nominated for Most Mischevious and Best Pals Superlatives. They serenaded their counselor Brett Chung many times, as well as Gracie Yao when she took B5 for fake counselor day, showing a great amount of love between all of them. On Night Market, combined with G5, they managed to round up a massive 526 tickets (partially because of miscounting, as Phillip had 52 tickets to start), that bought them 5 pies. Two of them went to Brett, and for each pie, half of the group pied him together.

B5 consisted of counselor Brett Chung, CIT Darrell Chan, and campers Alvin Hwang, Jonathan Kuo, Chris Chin, Kevin Hu, Anthony Hwang, Sean Huang, Phillip Chang, Jonathan Yao, Terry Siu, Chris Lee, Jonathan Hale, and Alex Han

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