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I've been gaming for probably 23 years. Well, I played my first role-playing game, Basic Dungeons and Dragons, that long ago. But I don't really consider myself that experienced or hard-core.

I've played (in no particular order) Basic D&D, AD&D, 2nd ed. AD&D, D&D 3.5; 3rd ed. Champions, Champions IV, other HERO games like Fantasy HERO; Traveller, Call of Cthulhu and a host of whatever seemed like e good idea at the time (Torg, some fantasy book I never remember the name of, etc.).

I've played more Champions than anything else, by a long shot. My favorite version of Dungeons and Dragons is 1st edition AD&D, it just had such a soul to it. Mechanically it was baroque (and broke) but it had many charms the new stuff lacks. D&D's blessing and curse was always the way it mixed up the rules and the setting. Wizards have divorced the mechanics enough to make the setting less interesting, but not enough to actually separate it from the rules. D&D is a main lynchpin in my theory that role-playing games do not actually get more fun over time, and you might as well save your money.

I am the celebrated author of ICCRPG, the Incredibly Complex and Cumbersome Role-Playing Game. It was sort of a satirical gedanken experiment in how closely or not closely a game system should try to be a model (of reality or a genre) rather than a game.

I also wrote QISS, the Quick Intuitive Storytelling System. It started as a joke but ended up actually offering something. Its main feature was that it had a single characteristic, Quality, which described how good you are at stuff.


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