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Princes of the Universe Mark IV

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Princes of the Universe Mark IV
Dungeonmaster DrEris (primary), Jeremy
Status Current

Starting Level 3rd
Current Level 12th
The Princes of the Universe Mark IV campaign is the latest in a series of campaigns, played over the course of a decade, which involve the players' real lives in the fate of the Realm, a magical world. Called to fight once more, the heroes must nip a rising evil in the bud, lest the world be lost. It's played by email using D&D 3.5e, with optional rules from Unearthed Arcana and other sources.

The Princes of the Universe Mark IV campaign is the latest iteration of a series of campaigns based on the intertwining of the player's real lives with the history of the Realm. This email-based campaign started in late 2004 and is still going--slowly. The players play heroic versions of themselves, fated heroes who contend with the forces of evil for the fate of the world.

An accompanying musical score guides and reflects each of the Princes of the Universe campaigns.



Ground Rules

Character Creation

Ability scores were generated using self-evaluation questionnaires, and modified and normalized based on a point-buy system so that equivalent ability scores were used. Character classes, using the gestalt optional rule, were assigned at the beginning of the game, as was the Clone Construct template.

House Rules

Several house rules have been created, adapted or imported for use in this campaign. See House Rules (Princes of the Universe Mark IV) for complete details.


Player Characters

Non-player Characters

Many non-player characters have been introduced in the course of the game. See List of non-player characters in Princes of the Universe Mark IV for a complete list.

The following are non-player characters of principal importance.


In 2005, Presto summoned Wes, Jeremy and Geoff from the mundane plane to battle a rising evil originating with the Unspeakable, son of Tiamat and the Dragonmaster. Presto was destroyed shortly thereafter, and the trio found themselves in new bodies of manufactured flesh. After acquainting themselves with the Realm and their new capabilities at Merlin's Floating Island, and meeting their unicorn steeds Lady Unifelle, Chandara and Shedoa, they proceeded to Kadish, where they suspected they might meet Robert, previously identified to them as an ally.

Shortly after their arrival, posing as "Doctor Weird's Traveling Sideshow," the party got lodgings and acquainted themselves with the situation in Kadish. They found the city to be dominated by monks of the Order of the Silken Glove, and also found that Robert was master of the city. Their preparations were interrupted by an attack on the city by Warduke, who summoned the Legion of Heroes to lay waste to Kadish. With the aid of the city's regular defenders, monks of the Silken Glove and a band of thieves with suspicious military training, the Legion was destroyed and Warduke defeated.

At the ensuing Royal Banquet, Queen Ayisha arrived to bring to the party a message from Eulogos, sage and master of the Oasis of No Return, charging them to make for the deep desert to arrive at the Oasis for the conjunction of the Realm's moons. They fought a pitched battle with a warband of lamiae, and later that day they found the oasis, where Eulogos explained that the Forbidden Tower had lost its great Keeper, leaving the powerful Keeping Stone unprotected; but even with the most powerful monsters gone, the heroes would need the power of the Talismans of the Races, which he possessed.

The Talismans were trapped, however. With a terrible curse they transformed Geoff, Jeremy and Wes into a shambling mound, a medusa and a harpy, respectively. Jeremy succumbed to the curse, and while he fought for his life, Geoff and Wes raided the Forbidden Tower. They overcame the Tower's few remaining wardens, among them a wax golem, and found their way to the Secret Vale. There they found the Unicorn Stallion, Dorrigan, imprisoned in a cage, and the Keeping Stone nearby. They released the Stallion, only to find him to be their enemy, a corrupted vampire. Dorrigan escaped while the heroes fought and dispatched a nightmare he had summoned.

Returning to the Oasis, the Princes used the Keeping Stone to undo the curses they suffered. Jeremy woke from a strange waking dream, wherein he had suffered trials of his own. He brought with him to the Realm a band of flying apes and Kareena, who had been trapped in the dream world for some time.


  1. Dream Warriors - Dokken
  2. Hair of the Dog - Nazareth
  3. One - Metallica
  4. Princes of the Universe - Queen
  5. Take Me I'm Yours - Squeeze
  6. Who Do You Want To Be - Oingo Boingo

Bonus Tracks

  1. Queen of Argyll - Tempest
  2. March of Cambreadth - Phoenyx


Game record

Humor and miscellanea

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