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Aervi is a game world invented by Stormraven for use in his campaign, the Pathway of Myrlem. It is a world of High Fantasy, and many of the world's elements are borrowed directly from the Dungeons & Dragons core rulebooks. Aervi was also used in GrecoRoman's campaign, the Battle at the Galenvale Dells.

Neither Stormraven nor GrecoRoman ever named the world in their campaigns, but after both were concluded, Stormraven solicited for suggestions for a world name, and GrecoRoman proposed "Aervi."



Aervi is an earth-like world in most respects. However, it is much more seismically active than earth. Earthquakes and volcanos are commonplace events in most regions, and cataclysmic disasters have occurred within the span of recorded history, dramatically reshaping not only local landforms but also entire continents. For example, the ocean is known to have once covered Danloc and all the plains and foothills under the Whitefang Mountains, as evidenced by the ruins of a port city discovered high in the mountains near the headwaters of the Danloc River.

Shatterhold (see below) is more stable than much of the rest of the world. Other regions are far more dangerous or even impossible to inhabit, being racked with geological disasters with much greater frequency.



Map of Aervi

Creator Stormraven

Only a small portion of Aervi has been mapped, a region of about 400,000 square miles (roughly comparable to the area of California). Within this area is a large variety of land and water forms, including mountains, plains, forests, deserts, swamps, rivers, lakes and oceans. (See map at right.)

The most prominent geographical feature is the pair of mountain chains that join in the north, forming an inverted V. The western mountain chain, the Whitefang Mountains, dies out near Falhaven Forest and the ocean shore. The eastern mountain chain, the Karokus Mountains, reaches further south and drops away in the Barrens. Considering that the mountains continue to the north for untold miles, the Whitefangs might be considered just a spur of the greater Karokus range. Between these mountains is a lush valley populated with coniferous and deciduous woods and fertile plains.

The greatest desert in the mapped region is the Barrens, in the southeast. This desert is expanding. At one time, the highway from Kingsport passed through this area. Now it simply dies in the wasteland.

To the west of the Whitefang Mountains lies a lonely, fearsome mountain: the Grimspire. It is a towering peak surrounded by miles of low, rocky wasteland where, despite the otherwise favorable climate, nothing will grow.

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Nations and Cultures

The largest nation in the mapped portion of Aervi is Shatterhold, which claims most of the area from the Karokus Mountains to the Sea, north of the Barrens and south of the Grimspire. The capital city of this nation is Kingsport, where the High King resides. In truth, however, the High King exercises little control any distance from the major cities and highways, and there are many who do not give allegiance to the High King, or who consider it a mere politeness to do so. Many folk in distant or wild areas of Shatterhold's lands may know nothing of the kingdom at all.

Other, smaller nations and kingdoms lie within Shatterhold's claimed territory. These are primarily nonhuman nations; the easiest path for a human ruler to maintain his station is to give fealty to the High King, so Shatterhold is dotted with city-states whose kings retain most of their independence.

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Population Centers

The largest city in the known lands of Aervi is Kingsport: a metropolis, a coastal port city, and the throne of the High King of Shatterhold. No other human city approaches the size of Kingsport; Krendant is the next largest city, hidden in the forest between the Whitefang and Karokus Mountains. Danloc is a city-state with its own king, a port city like Kingsport but on a smaller scale. Much of Shatterhold is dotted with towns and villages, principally in the hospitable coastal and plains areas.

Major elvish communities reside in the forests of Shatterhold, and in fact they long predate the arrival of humans to the region. The coastal Falhaven Forest is home to a nation of wood elves, and the city of Falhaven is built among and atop the forest's great trees. These elves interact with humans more easily than those of Andovel, who defend their rich woodlands territory with magic and mystery.

Dwarves are known to dwell in both mountain ranges and have built extensive underground highways to interlink their cities and communities. Northern Haz Kadam and southern Kaz Madakim have been seen by few human eyes but are rumored to represent the pinnacle of dwarvish achievement.

Nargoloth is a city now in ruins, a sign of ancient inhabitation. It fell into ruin before the founding of Shatterhold, and those of the elder race who might know the city's history and the tale of its downfall will only say that it is a place best avoided. An ancient highway runs through the ruins, but a new loop circles around them, giving Nargoloth a wide berth.

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Aervi is a Material Plane, possibly one of many, at the heart of the Great Wheel of planes (as described in Dungeon Master's Guide, p151+).

Just as the Plane of Shadow coexists with Aervi, so too does its counterpart, the Plane of Radiance. The Plane of Radiance is antithetical to the Plane of Shadow: it is brightly lit, its colors are vibrant, and its reflections of landmarks from the Material Plane are enhanced and idealized. There is a possibility that the Planes of Shadow and Radiance have some association with the Negative and Positive Energy Planes, respectively.


Aervi was once worshipped as a deity, and this is still the case in many parts of the world where seismic events are more fearsome and more feared. Like the rumbling land, Aervi is considered to be growling and shuddering with barely controlled rage. However, Aervi seldom takes without also giving, for volcanos and earthquakes leave in their wake a wealth of minerals and rich soil.

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