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Guys who dress up like Arabs and clowns, put on a circus every year to help sick children, drive around in little mini-cars and run children's hospitals. All around nice guys. But actually, they are a really fucked up little cult and one of the wealthiest, most corrupt charities in the world. Helping sick children - what better way to hide all kinds of really dirty deeds?


Drunken, racist, anti-Christ lunatics

The early growth of the Shrine was slow. By 1878, membership had reached 425 in thirteen temples. These early Shriners won an unenviable reputation as tipplers; they referred to booze as "camel's milk". Some state Masonic Grand Lodges debated whether to expel any Masons who joined the Shrine. By the time of the 1920 Shrine convention, some of the Nobles were voicing their concern at the poor image of the organization... Envy of the Catholic Church's role in building and staffing hundreds of hospitals across the country was an obvious factor in the debate on the proposal at the 1920's convention. Forrest Adair of Atlanta declared:
"I hope that within two, or three, or four or five years from now we will be impelled from the wonderful work that has been done, to establish more of these hospitals, in easy reach of all parts of North America, and let it be known that while our friends, the enemy, is now about the only institution that is establishing hospitals and schools and things of that kind for the benefit of humanity, the Shrine is going to do them one better."
No one in Noble Adair's audience had any doubt as to the identity of "the enemy". To allay the fears of the Nobles, another speaker assured them that if the hospital committee did not "do it right and devoted themselves too much to Catholic children or Negro children we can fire them and get another committee."
- William J. Whalen, Christianity and American Freemasonry, Ignatius Press 1958, 1987, 1998.

Famous Shriners

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Freemason & Shriner

See also: Michael Richards

Dirty Clowns

There are some eye-popping, jaw-dropping little tidbits hidden away in the archives at: The minutes are in PDF form so you can search, instead of read, the 450 pages to find references to crime, mismanagement, suggestions to disobey the law, shocking financial disclosures, ѕеxual harassment and dirty jokes.

No Latinos wanted

Eileen Jones of WSFA 12 News out of Montgomery, Alabama reported that a Latino "La Noche" concert that was to be held in the Shrine Alkazar Temple was cancelled and that promoter Chris Miles was told by the leader of the Shrine Temple that "the Latino community is not wanted there."

Wasting money meant for sick children

'Inapproptiate use of Sick Children Transportation Fund for Social Gatheringsb Sept. 25, 2006

"The Divan and their wives got their travels reimbursed by the Transportation Fund. it had money.. with the lame statement that they were spreading the word about the Hospitals. At Imperial and at the Region Shrine Conventions.. this was in the range of $10,000 for the year depending on where the events took place. Las Vegas.. Vancouver.. the CPA said he was praying no one looked at the tax return and saw the money going to a Casino in Vegas."

Dirty old men

'Behaviour at Shriners Conventions' Sept. 25, 2006

Shriners Convention Center Worker: 'As long as I don’t have to be in the same room as those b****** Shriners! They are nothing but a bunch of foul mouthed dirty old men who grab at anyone wearing a skirt'


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