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In the most important news event of 2006 comedian Michael Richards, better known as Kramer from the show Seinfeld, defended himself against a pair of hecklers using lynching metaphors and the word "nigger" as his defense. Video of this incident was captured with a camera phone, omitting the initial heckling against Richards, which was reportedly racial in nature. A few days after the incident Kramer was forced by "outrage" to grovel before all humanity on the David Letterman show, an apology which hasn't been accepted by many prominent blacks.

Is Kramer Jewish?

Wikipedia lists Michael Richards' religious background as Catholic, however as he is known to be a 33° Freemason of the Scottish Rite and a Shriner, it is a questionable claim since the Roman Catholic Church condemns Freemasonry in all its forms. Several news commentators, the local Fox affiliates, and not least of all Michael Richards' own publicist Howard Rubenstein have said he is in fact Jewish. As it turns out, Michael Richards claimed to "feel Jewish," telling his publicist: "I agree with the concepts and the religious beliefs of Judaism and I've adopted Judaism as my religion." However, his parents are Catholic and he never formerly converted to Judaism, meaning he is still 100% goy.

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