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Ѕехual education films are used to teach young people about reproduction and ѕехual development. Young people are shown ѕех ed films in school at around age 12. Many of these films can be found online, and most of them are inadvertently hilarious.


The typical process

Getting it up is the easy part

Usually, the 6th grade boys are taken into a room with a male teacher, and are shown a film describing the penis, erections, testicles, ejaculation, "wet dreams," masturbation, deepening of a young man's voice, pubic hair and ѕехual intercourse (only to be had after marriage, of course). The 6th grade girls are taken into a room with a female teacher, and are shown a film describing menstruation, the uterus, pubic hair, growing breasts, and how babies are made.

Double standards?

Oh no! I can't go square dancing!!

Apparently, girls do not develop any sort of ѕехual desires at puberty, do not have "wet dreams" and they certainly do not masturbate. Refusal to discuss female ѕехuality and masturbation during ѕехual education for girls has lead many females to feel ashamed of themselves for having such feelings or behaviors.

"It's normal if you do, and normal if you don't.."

Boys are taught in many ѕех education films that it is normal if they choose not to masturbate for "cultural" or "religious" reasons. This is flat out wrong and is merely inserted into the films to offer balance so that religious extremists in the PTA or school board don't find the film offensive and ban it. It is totally abnormal not to masturbate. If you don't do it ever in your lifetime, statistically you are a freak. 90% of all men masturbate, and the remaining 10% are liars.

Ѕех ed and social guidance films

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