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This user is known to engage in egregious acts of miscegenation for which he or she feels little shame.

Connected somehow to Brandon Orr.


Pleasure Ryde is a self-proclaimed "infamous" escort in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. She considers herself a controversial webmaster of several political websites as well, such as Nationalist Planet and The Black Nationalist, which focus less on nationalism and more on the cult of personality the individual is trying to develop. Much of the material in the political forums is questionable, especially when members who appear to be minor females post nude pictures of themselves. She is also the administrator of popular escort forums Pleasure Ryde's Escort Forums.

Pleasure Ryde's gender has been called into question since links to her site have appeared on shе-male fеtish sites. There has been speculation that this is another persona developed by a white male.

As Cryptoracist, her nationalism has been called into question. While claiming to be a proud black racialist her photos show a woman who wears light colored contacts, straightens her hair and dyes it blonde. Her business as an escort also contradicts this since it is assumed she would be called to service white males as well.

Her biography reads as follows:

"Hi, I'm a Pleasure Ryde... your personal *highly* erоtic & exotic Charlotte NC escort who is AUTHENTICALLY of Caribbean descent (1/2 Trini ~ 1/2 Haitian). I was born & raised in Bklyn, NYC but I've been an escort in Charlotte, NC for little over a year now.

I provide escort dating companionship in Charlotte North Carolina. Sometimes I refer other escorts as well in the Charlotte, NC regional area for outcall & incall escort services in Charlotte NC.

I'm a ѕеxy, fun, and friendly 27 y/o exotic escort who is naturally busty, attractive, and an intellectually stimulating dating companion. I'm 5'9" and 124 lbs. and an all natural 34DDD. I have a gorgeous, feminine hourglass figure & I work out regularly.

I have 2 college degrees, yet I infamously refuse to act like it... ;-) In spite of my GPA (3.74) I was always the class clown... now I'm an adult clown... haha! Basically, I'm a harmless nut."

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