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Suspect last seen in a burgundy Chevy van with tinted windows, handing out candy to little girls and/or boys.

A prolific Usenet troll, Führer of the Pоrnonationalist Vanguard and scat pоrnographer who found his way to Speakeasy via the Phora. At the Phora he posted as a biѕеxual Jewish shit queen named Raina for a few years, completely undetected. Several Phorafags even flirted with "Raina." He posted on Speakeasy as François Duvalier, and was banned for posting what appeared to be child scat pоrnography. He is more talked about for his offline persona than his online persona, particularly interesting to some is his status as a director/star in poop films and his involvement in ѕеxually humiliating submissive gay men over the telephone - an activity he denies.


Common themes

He assumes various identities, but some common threads unite them. His sockpuppets all tend to espouse the following:

  • women are as violent as men
  • women enjoy pоrnography as much as men
  • an interest in scаt and/or underage girls

Anyone who disapproves of him is said to "fear" him.



Writings of

Pоrnonationalist writings by Daedra Morrighan

"Children are inclined to unify, rather than divide, but need a leader and an organic representative. I know how to speak to them, and how to open myself to recieve the phallus of their inquiry... "Our children are our future. They are flesh-sculptures forged in the heat of lust; they are clay to be shaped and molded by our warm hands."



Above: Brandon in his native habitat

Brandon Orr is currently seeking someone to become his Buttlicking Butler. He's on Speakeasy as Marjask, where he has been relegated to the Deviants user group.

Sock puppet Accounts

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