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Adolf Hitler chillin' like a villain

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889. As a young man he wanted to become an artist, but his style of painting was not appreciated at the time. So after serving in WWI in the Bavarian army, he bummed around Vienna sleeping in flophouses and living off of other people's money. He made a meager living selling handpainted postcards to tourists. Eventually he fell in with a crowd of leftist nationalists after being asked to spy on them. He became the dominant personality within the group and eventually took it over. The rest is history.


Why did people like Hitler?

People were drawn to Hitler's speaking skills and his strongly magnetic aura. He knew the power of spectacle and symbolism. And women thought he was very sexy.

Hitler's lifestyle

Hitler liked people to believe that he lived an extremely clean lifestyle: abstaining from alcohol, red meat, cigarettes. The truth is he did eat meat and drink wine on occasion, and due to his many health problems took numerous drugs. His vegetarianism is largely due to health issues, however he was very fond of animals. The Nazi regime outlawed vivisection and Kosher slaughter. The Nazis also had the unique anti-smoking policies not found anywhere else in the world at that time.

Was Hitler gay?

Hitler's babe

There is no evidence that Hitler was gay. His first known sexual encounter was at age 37 with a teenage shop worker named Mitzi. Hitler was very secretive about his private life. Nobody outside of Hitler's closest inner circle was aware of his romantic relationship with Eva Braun. Hitler felt that he would lose his sex appeal-based power over Germany's women if his relationships with Eva or other women became known. Like several other top Nazis he had more than a few flings with pretty film starlets, including Renate Müller. He also had an affair with his niece Geli Raubal and used to draw nude portraits of her. There was a miniseries in the U.S. called Hitler: The Rise of Evil which portrayed his relationship with her as abusive. This doesn't seem to be the case, he was overprotective of her but only because he loved her so much. After she committed suicide, Hitler also threatened to take his own life.

Geli Raubal

By all accounts, Hitler had a strong sexual preference for naive, young looking, not too bright, busty blue-eyed blonde women. In fact, this is real reason he invaded Poland.

Ladies Hitler supposedly shagged

  • Maria Reiter (aka Mitzi)
  • Geli Raubal
  • Henny Hoffman (Heinrich Hoffman's daughter)
  • Diana Mitford (aka Lady Diana Mosley)
  • Renate Müller

Was Hitler an atheist or a Christian?

Early on in his political career, Hitler preached about "positive Christianity" (Positives Christentum) which was a Nazi-approved version of Christianity which taught that Jesus was an Aryan who had fought against the Jews. Much later, in the mid to late war period there come quotes attributed to him by Martin Bormann in which Hitler speaks ill of Christianity in general. These quotes from the "Table Talk" book are highly questionable. The Nazis regarded Christianity in general as something for women and old people to occupy themselves with. A collection of Nazi Christian artifacts can be found here: Nazi Artifacts.

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