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Eva Braun (later Eva Hitler) is best known as Hitler's mistress and wife. She committed suicide with Hitler on their wedding day, April 30, 1945.

Hitler's favorite portrait of Eva

What was Eva Braun like?

Eva was educated at a convent school (school photo of Eva Braun). She became an assistant to Heinrich Hoffman, who was the Nazi Party's official photographer. Eva and Hitler met in 1929.

Eva Braun was not a very bright woman, she was interested in fairly superficial things, and Hitler prefered women to be this way. Her hobby was photography, much of the color footage of Hitler was shot by Eva Braun herself. Physically, Eva was full-figured, bosomy but muscular and liked to show off her body. Contrary to Nazi women's ideology she liked to wear makeup, which Hitler did not approve of since cosmetics contained animal products. She enjoyed gymnastics and sunbathing in the nude (which Hitler did not approve of). There exists a film clip of her skinny dipping. Like Hitler, Eva was fond of children and animals. She and Hitler kept many pets and liked to have the children of Nazi leaders visit them at Hitler's mountain retreat. Her relationship with Hitler was often very rocky. As a result of that (and her relative isolation from the outside world), she attempted suicide several times during her life. She and Hitler lived a very privileged life while the rest of Germany was facing the deprivations of wartime.

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