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Wheel Arrangement 0-4-0
Year of Origin 1926
Designer Muir-Hill
Builder Muir-Hill
Length 9' 5"
Livery Green
Status In traffic

Quarryman was the first of the three Muir-Hill Fordson tractors to arrive at Ravenglass. They were utilised in the moving of stone from Beckfoot Quarry to Murthwaite Crushing Plant and then down to Ravenglass. NG 41 was the third tractor to arrive, two years after Quarryman. The two would then spend the next 25 years or so working the stone trains.

The quarry traffic ceased in 1953, both NG 41 and Quarryman were cannibalised to produce one serviceable engine, with a backless cab then fitted. Quarryman was then used on relief passenger trains, alongside the Passenger Tractor. It was then ued on works trains up until 1975, when it was withdrawn and restored to its original condition, with open cab.

It was originally nicknamed "Billy's Tractor", after Billy Bell, who used to be the engine's driver. Nowadays, it is part of the museum collection and is currently stored in the shed at Irton Road.

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