From Ratty

Wheel Arrangement 0-4-4
Year of Origin 1929
Designer Muir-Hill
Builder Muir-Hill
Length 13' 1"
Livery Yellow
Status In Service

Perkins arrived along with NG 41 as NG 39 in 1929, as a follow-up to Quarryman, the original quarry tractor. In 1931 it was given a rear stabilising bogie and a body of mock-steam outline, to make it look more attractive on passenger trains.

Named the "Passenger Tractor", in this guise it worked alongside the steam engines for many years, until, in 1975, its Fordson petrol engine was replaced with a Perkins P6 diesel engine, giving it a grill instead of its fake smokebox. During this time, it retained its nickname "Pretender".

In 1984, it was rebuilt again, and a modern diesel outline replaced the fake steam body. The following year it was named Perkins and has since been used mainly as the permanent way stalwart but also for shunting and relief passenger duties.

Its livery is bright Yellow with black lining.

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