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Module 4 Rhonda Stewart

Every time I interact with a client whether it is as a nurse or as a therapist I teach. It may be what I say, information I give or my own body language or example. Sometimes it includes giving directive, sometimes it is offering suggestions and sometimes it is educational. Teaching is done to increase understanding, insight and personal awareness. Information can be offered verbally and written as well as through other media sources.

Therapists offer a lot of supervision to each other and exchange of knowledge. Generally there are staff meetings to offer colleagues support and direction. During staff meetings evidenced based styles of practice may be reviewed in order to increase client outcomes and remain versed on the latest styles or practice. A therapist should teach during every contact and interaction with others.

Nurses have skills pass offs and mentoring of new staff as well as new nurses. There are minimum skills sets that nurses are involved in as peers teach and support others. The nurse provides the client with information regarding what to expect, what to do and when to follow up. Nurses offer standard information that are basic, at the clients level and offer time for the client to ask question and for the nurse to offer clarification.

I cannot think of any aspect of nursing or healthcares were teaching is not part of the natural job description and expectations. The provider is involved in self-teaching, teaching staff, clients and members of the client’s support system, as well as members or the community.

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