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[edit] Welcome to Your Wiki for NURS 6004 on Mobile Devices for Healthcare Information

A wiki is a powerful tool that allows multiple users to collaborate and share content rapidly. The best example of this is Wikipedia, which is powered by the exact same software that this wiki is!

This wiki was created for students in NURS 6004 to experience the development of a wiki. Each student is offered the opportunity to collaborate by adding, editing, altering or removing information in order to build an informative wiki on mobile devices for healthcare providers.

[edit] First Steps

  1. Create an account using the "create account" tab in the upper right hand corner
  2. After creating an account, log in
  3. To edit, add or modify the wiki, click on the "edit" tab at the top of the page. Following the current set-up, add or modify information, preview and save using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

[edit] Mobile Devices

Learn more about Mobile Devices (Smartphones and PDAs) on Wikipedia - Mobile Devices The Palm Pilot: Getting Your Practice in Hand by Robert T. Smithing, MSN, NP available at NP Central Installing applications on your Palm OS based PDA from TECHTV VAULT Guidelines for installing Palm Software from a Windows Computer at DATA IDentification Online This health blog gives information on the latest medical technology including applications for mobile devices: Check out this web site for information on choosing a mobile device:

[edit] Mobile Devices in Clinical Practice and Education

Article Summary: Stroud SD, Smith, CA, Erkel EA, (2009) Digital Assistance Use by Nurse Practitioners A Descriptive Study Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners 21:31-38. Abstract and article as pdf available at

Abstract: Zurmehly J, (2010) Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Review and Evaluation Nursing Education Perspectives. 31(3): 179-182

Online Article: George, L. & Davidson, L. (June, 2005). PDA use in nursing education: Prepared for today, poised for tomorrow. (OJNI). Vol. 9, No. 2 [Online]. Please note that an error may come up in trying to load this page.

Online Article: Garritty, C. & Emam, K. E. (2006).[[].Who’s Using PDAs? Estimates of PDA Use by Health Care Providers: A Systematic Review of Surveys.doi: 10.2196/jmir.8.2.e7.

Family nurse practitioner students utilization of Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs): implications for practice. Tilghman J, Raley D, Conway JJ. ABNF J. 2006 Summer;17(3):115-7.

Hudson, K., Buell, V. (2011). PDAs are integraltools for nursing and health care. J Nurs Manag,19, p400-406.

Yale Medical School, Medical library (2012)

[edit] Applications and Downloads

Psychiatric Times Clinical Scales App. Great for diagnosis and/or follow-up on your clients! (Includes scales for ADHD, Autism, Bipolar, Depression, and Anxiety) Free at:

Mobile Solutions Center by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners at AANP Mobile Solutions Center

Health care resources and tools from - Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Mobile clinical resources for healthcare providers on multiple platforms from skyscape

Mobile applications for nurses, nurse practitioners and students available at: Unbound Medicine

Mobile products from the publishers of Taber's, and Medical, Nursing, & Health Professions Texts, References & Resources at F.A. Davis Company

Pediatric Facts Made Incredibly Quick available from Skyscape. Covers topics important for every pediatric nurse including developmental milestones, normal assessment findings for each age group, abuse assessment, vital signs, pain measurement, immunization schedules, laboratory test results, and many more. Requires subscription for about $20.00 per year.

Check out this site the lets you download software that will sync your LG phone to your MS Outlook:

Handheld Computers & Healthcare. Website dedicated to the use of mobile devices used in healthcare with links to information, applications and forums. Found at

Learn how to incorporate evidence-based practice into nursing McGraw-Hill’s Nurse to Nurse: Evidence-Based Practice is a portable guide that covers one of the most important trends in nursing today. Learn how to apply evidence-based practice into your daily routines and patient care with case studies and step-by-step instructions. Available at Pepid Medical Information Resources.

SmartPhones & PDAs, University of Wisconsin resources for healthcre professionals available at : Ebling Library for Health Sciences.

Mobile Device (PDA) resources from Henry Ford Health System, available at : Sladen Library for Henry Ford physicians, nurses and students.

iPhone App. Top iphone apps for nurses at

digital downloads for AHRQ prevention guidelines at

Epocrates for healthcare providers is an excellent app for iphone, you can also get it for Blackberry.

3D brain is a great neurobiology app for iPhone or Android devices. It can be found here at the Apple store or here at the google store

Medscape free applications

Nine Great iPhone Apps for Medical Professionals and Students. Found at

[edit] Mobile Device Use by Patients

Health care providers are not the only ones using mobile devices. Patients use mobile devices to find information as well as to track and store their personal health information. The following article takes a look at how mobile devices are used by consumers of health care.

[edit] Privacy and Mobile health apps

Mobile devices are increasingly used by patients to store and share their personal health information. Current apps generally don't address HIPAA and security issues and therefore there aren't restrictions on what App developers do with the information gathered. With privacy concerns and sharing of patient information, see what guidance the FDA has on mobile health platforms at

[edit] Optional Secondary Steps

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  3. Create another user with a more personalized username (first log out, then click create an account).
  4. Join the News Group
  5. Edit this page and replace its content with something more interesting for new visitors.
  6. Read How to make a successful wiki
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