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It is detail that brings a character to life. Character Information provides basic information about who the character is, where they are from and what they look like. The Character skeleton is often used to flesh out this part of the character, as much of the information is given there. However, do not feel constricted by the skeleton, if there is some facet of the character you would like to play, then consult the GM. A brief description of the sections follow.

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[edit] Age

Better genetics and medicines mean a long life and over 90,000 years the human race has managed to nearly double the average life span of what it was in the 21st Century. Recommended age of the character is normally given on the Skeleton as the amount of

we invent new ways to kill each other

world knowledge (and thus Skills) increases with age. However, this is just a recommendation, so feel free to discuss with the GM any ideas you might have. Use the table below as a guide to ages.

128Start of puberty
1815End of puberty
2118Physical peak
2650Onset of weight gain and
"middle aged spread"
3570Middle age (hair loss, etc.)
4085Greying hair / menopause
65110Retirement age
75130Average life expectancy
85140"Good" life expectance
125180Oldest recorded human

Age Comparison Table

[edit] Place of Birth

This facet of the character is very much dependent on the setting that is being run. Within the setting Book will be a list of places that are eligible for your place of birth. Try and tie in the place of birth with your intended character description.

[edit] Description

This should be a rough outline to your character, including any obvious features or defects. To aid the description, you might want to choose your look as someone you have seen on film or television. Telling people you look like ‘Keanu Reeves’ gives people a better idea that describing him in detail.

[edit] Quote

The quote can be either something your character has said or something they are likely to have said. Try and make the quote sum up the character in a single line.

[edit] Skeleton

This is simply the name of the Skeleton the character is made from the setting document.

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