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Meghan is a character that Jstone created for the Mayhem meta-verse. She was originally created to help alleviate Jstone's severe lack of female characters, and as a subversion of his typically over-macho powersuited space commandos. However, as an EGSDF Force Recon operator, she could not be used in combat outside of a full-blown shooting war and, due to the stationing of Marines aboard EGSDF Space Navy ships and bases, the chance to interact with other members of the force was slim. So, she faded out of use until Mayhem TIAFR. For that RP, Jstone needed a slightly more interesting character than The Admiral. More specifically, he needed a character that could function individually, and not rely on hordes of underlings to do their fighting for them. So, Jstone dusted off this nearly-forgotten gun-toting, powered-armor wearing bad-ass marine chick.

Bio for TIAFR

Name: Meghan Ulrich

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Appearance: Five-foot seven, athletic. Green eyes. Has shoulder-length brunette hair, but wears it up when in uniform. The uniform consists of EGSDF Marine Corps fatigues, colored in a multi-purpose computer-generated camouflage pattern, a pistol belt with pistol, combat knife, and comm device, and calf-height black leather boots. May include a hat when outdoors. When in civilian dress, Corporal Ulrich usually dresses in normal jeans and a t-shirt, unless it's really hot out (in which case she'll wear shorts or a skirt,) or there's reason to dress less casually.

Personality: When in-uniform, Corporal Ulrich is professional yet, as is common among special forces, slightly more independent and less concerned about rules than the average soldier. When off-duty, she's friendly and surprisingly laid back, though the military mentality can seep through every once in a while.

Skills: As a Marine Force Recon operator, Coporal Ulrich is highly trained at both armed and unarmed combat; she has qualified as expert on rifle and marksman on pistol, and is also quite good at a mixed combatives-type martial art that includes elements from various Eastern and Western martial arts. While she is a normal human, she has very good reflexes and decent strength for her size.

Sub Category: Equipment: As a Force Recon operator, a list of skills wouldn't be complete without describing the suit. A seven-foot tall one and a half ton monster, the Force Recon power suit has a large amount of armament, including a massive "assault rifle," shoulder-fired missiles, and a plasma torch. It's also well protected, with high-grade armor, force fields, and active defensive systems. Rounding off the package is a jump system. This suit is bulky and cumbersome for urban use, only deployed if it's necessary and, without ship support, resupply is going to be an issue. See The Wiki for more info.

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