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The EGSDF Space Navy, usually called simply "The Navy" due to the apparent lack of a maritime branch of the EGSDF, forms Mayhem's first line of defense from spaceborne threats. The Navy is currently split into two camps: the Reclamation Force, under the command of Fleet Admiral Redstone, and the Loyalists, under the command of Captain Sommerset of the MSC Galveston.



The EGSDF Space Navy was founded immediately after the crossover wars, when it became apparent that Mayhem would require its own protection against threats both extraplanetary and extrauniversal. Prior to this point, Mayhem had relied on the cooperation of allies to provide space power and, with the wars over and any threat to them gone, these allies expressed interest in leaving Mayhem. Admiral Redstone thus launched an extensive expansion of the EGSDF's Navy, developing Mayhem-native ships and technologies to provide for the common defense.

However, all was not well with the Navy. Shortly after completion of the Navy, Redstone suddenly and inexplicably left Mayhem for a matter of months. Upon his return, dissatisfied with the direction taken during the final moments of the Ajac administration and the beginning of Xepharon's, Redstone rebelled against the leadership of the EGSDF, splitting his fleet and launching an attempted coup. The outcome of this is still to be decided, but the bulk of the Fleet's power is on Redstone's side

Fleet Organization

Because of the fragmentation of the Navy, the exact organization is still fluid. Listed here are the number of ships on each side. Only capital ships are listed, smaller craft such as gunboats and fighters are deployed in much larger numbers.

Redstone's Fleet: the Mayhem Reclamation Taskforce

Loyalist Fleet

Other Branches

Navy Special Warfare

Navy Special Warfare, otherwise known as SpecWar or BlackOps, is a highly-trained special-operations branch of the EGSDF Space Navy, tasked with performing direct-action and infiltration missions in zero-g and shipboard environments, as well as orbital drop deployments. Navy SpecWar equipment is among the best in the force, with standard equipment being an advanced stealth suit, and carrying a combined smart-grenade launcher and high velocity kinetic energy weapon. Exact capabilities of these systems are classified.

Marine Corps

Main Article: EGSDF Marines

Office of Naval Intelligence

The Office of Naval Intelligence is, as its name suggests, a Navy-operated intelligence agency; the head of which reports directly to the Chief of Naval Operations. Not much is known about this agency outside of its mission parameters and general goal: ONI was founded to maintain a strategical and tactical advantage through the gathering and analysis of information regarding enemy, and possibly ally, ships, personnel, and military deployments. ONI appears capable of operation in a variety of mission types, including aerial imaging, signals analysis, and direct human intelligence, among other channels of information. It is believed that ONI is also tasked with performing psychological operations in support of Navy goals, but this has not yet been confirmed.

Ship Classes

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