You're out of weapons- start the tickle war

From Create Your Own Story

You spring across the room to where your mother sits in a little pool of soda and jab at her midsection.

"Brandon what- oh, God!" the mother squeals as you tickle her midsection. She writhes back and forth on the floor, forcing her waistband farther and farther down her hips. She tries to retaliate, but ends up on her stomach, so you pin her there and grab one of her feet.

"Oh, Brandon, please no- OH NO!" She loses control again as you brush at her soles with your fingers. Her arms, free leg, and even toes all flail, trying to get away. The entire time, you have a marvelous view of her round ass, waistband crawling ever south.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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