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Hi, my name's NightChime, and my friends call me Ryan. I just joined up on 10/17/09. I got inspired to start writing some choose your own adventure by Squaresoft, of all muses. (The story behind this is in my discussion.)

I'm very open to spelling and grammar corrections, and even more so to questions, comments, suggestions, and the like, which you should feel free to leave in my discussion. Happy adventuring!

Stories I've started

Haven't stopped yet, either.


Back from the Dead

Others' stories I am (or considering) helping with

Like a foster parent, or a less-condescending analogy.

Time Vortex

I'm also on DeviantART[1], if only technically. I have a few sketches and a little non-CYOA lit there, and I'll put more there if I ever make it.

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