Help the man

From Create Your Own Story

Realizing the man must be moving in you decide to ask if he needs help. He's a tall man with broad shoulders, well built but nothing too muscular. You like his short, military cut hair and lovely blue eyes. Walking over to him you introduce yourself.

"Hey, I'm Mark." he replies, grabbing another box.

"Would you like a little help?" you ask, liking his smile. Looking at the boxes he shrugs and says, "Yeah, grab one and follow me." Picking a box that isn't too heavy you follow him as he wheels the dolley inside.

"Sure thats not to heavy?" he asks grinning.

Shaking your head you say "So where'd you move from?"

"Oh, I just got out of the army, found this place for cheap so decided to move in."

Picturing him in his army uniform, you grin back at him; feeling your heart race, a tingle quickly spreads to your stomach going lower each time he smiles at you.


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