Follow him to his apartment

From Create Your Own Story

Boarding the elevator you make small talk until it pings and you get off on the third floor.

"You're only five apartments down from me" you say as you reach his door. "That's a plus" he replies opening the door. Setting the boxes inside he looks around a bit embarassed, "Sorry, I don't have much furniture". It's true: a tv sits on the white carpeted floor and across from it is an uncomfortable-looking kitchen chair. "The rest of it is being flown from North Carolina" he says scratching the back of his head. "It's fine I like it, so how about a glass of water?" you reply. "Sorry, glasses are with the furniture. You, er, could drink from the faucet though." He seems embarassed to mention it.

Smiling, you go into the kitchen. You can't help feeling naughty as you bend over turning the water on you suck water into your mouth feeling relief against the heat. You can tell his eyes are eating your body up, the sight of your butt sticking out like that makes him breath harder. "It really is a lovely place" you say, re-joining him.


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