Avoiding the Dead

From Create Your Own Story


Your alarm wakes you up… “9:30 on a Saturday? What? Why?” You must have forgotten to turn the alarm off. You slowly sit up in your bed, head pounding with a hangover from the heavy amount of alcohol you consumed last night. Somehow, you manage to pull yourself out of bed and drag yourself to the bathroom to drain your bladder and take some Tylenol.

Looking around the apartment, you see the remnants of what once was a big party. Pizza boxes and SOLO cups litter most of the surfaces. The lamp by the couch is lying on its side, shade nowhere to be found. The television and Xbox are still on, video game paused. The CD player is skipping, repeating the same quarter second of a song over and over, endlessly. You notice a strange smell, almost like something is on fire.

You quickly turn your attention to the kitchen. The light on the stove is turned on, indicating that one (or more) of the burners is turned on. As you rush to turn the stove off, you trip over something in the middle of the floor. “OWWW” a familiar voice howls out. You look down towards your feet to see your cousin, Jason, staring back at you. “What the hell’s up yo?” he asks.

You fill him in on what’s going on with the stove and ask why he’s sleeping on the floor instead of the couch. “HAHA! I don’t know man, just the place my body decided I should land.” he replies with a smile. You laugh at your cousin’s flawless logic as you turn the burner off. You question why an empty skillet is cooking for what must have been hours. “Dude, you said you wanted some bacon. When you went to bed, I figured you changed your mind. Then I guess I fell asleep too. I didn’t know you turned anything on in there.”

Bacon… Sounds amazing at a time like this. It’s not every weekend that you’re awake this early. Unfortunately, your only skillet is now burned up and needs to be washed before anything can be cooked in it. That’s one of the disadvantages of walking away from a breakfast endeavor in the middle of preparation. “Man, I’m huuungry!” Jason exclaims “I need some substance in my crap factory like yesterday!” Growing up with him, you’ve learned to appreciate his colorful way of expressing himself.

“Well, Jason, we can clean up the kitchen and I can make us something good. Unless you would rather order from Johnny Joe’s or walk downtown to one of the restaurants there...” you say as you sit down, hoping your Tylenol kicks in a little faster. Jason strokes his goatee as he thinks. After a minute or two, his eyes light up and he starts nodding his head. His mouth slowly opens and he begins to speak...

"I leave it COMPLETELY up to you..."

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