101: Land Forest

From Create Your Own Story

You slowly descend towards the forest, praying some other paratroopers have tried to get there. Finding yourself about to land in the forest, wedged between the lake and the town, you sigh and look around for anything to occupy your time. You check your gear, everything is perfectly fine. Your adrenaline is pumping from the sudden action in the plane and time is going slow, only a minute has passed. You look at the sky, you see plenty of paratroops above you and some are landing in the forest, though it is massive. Several planes are flying and two of them are on fire, yours is spinning out of control and you see it tear through some trees to your west until it finally comes to a stop, fire catching on some of the trees.

You realize the trees are coming close and look down, you are almost at your destination. Oh shit your destination is tall pointy trees and tons of sharp branches. You try your best not to scream as you tear through the tree line, the wood scratching and ripping at your exposed skin and tearing apart your clothes. Slowly you come to a stop, hanging above the ground, your parachute caught in the branches.

Coming out of the daze, you take stock. You are cut everywhere and there is a horrible pain coming from your thigh, it must have taken a large cut in the fall. Your grenades are not where they should be and your pouch was torn open, some ammo spilling out. You are around fifteen feet in the air, your legs dangling freely below you.

Multiple cuts! -10 Health

Bad thigh wound! -10 Health

Bleeding! -5 Health"

Exhausted! -30 MP"

Grenades lost in fall! -3 Grenades

Ammo lost in fall! -30 M1-A1 ammo

Health 100 Equipment:

Parachute, Carbine M1-A1 (70), Grenade (3), Trench Knife, Helmet.

MP 90
Level 0
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