"Let me do you from behind, babe."

From Create Your Own Story

Linda gives you a sexy smile. "Real flesh!" she says. "Finally... It's been weeks and weeks of plastic."

She gets on her hands and knees, spreads her legs open, and wiggles her ample ass at you. You move into position behind her and rub your rod against her slit.

You continue to tease her until she begins to leak out her juices. You use her natural lube and gently ease your prick into her box.

You move in and out, very slowly at first. You don't want it to be an unpleasant experience for her.

Linda moans softly and begins moving her hips back and forth, trying to speed you up. "It's all right, sweetie," she says. "You can pound me hard."

You increase your speed to a steady rhythm. Leaning over her body, you reach down and cup her large breasts, rolling the nipples between your fingers. Linda gasps and her body shivers with pleasure.

"Ready to be fucked hard, babe?" you whisper to her. She nods and you begin slamming her, moving your body as fast as you can and thrusting inside her as deeply as you can reach. She howls with pleasure and her legs tense up. Suddenly, her whole body shudders violently and she clamps her pussy around your swollen rod as she climaxes. You can't help yourself and pump what feels like a quart of cum into her box.

She falls forward onto the bed, her curvy body completely spent. You lie down next to her, trying to recover.

"Wow," Linda says, when she's finally able to speak. "That was the most intense orgasm I've had in years."

She looks up at Lita. "Where did you find this man? He's awesome. Do you mind if I use him again?"

Lita smiles. "I'm glad you like him, Linda."

You decide to interject...

Health Horny Location:

Lita's House

MP 0
Level 5
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