"Lita, would you like to join us?"

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Lita doesn't need a second invitation, she's out of her clothes in a flash. Before you can react, you have two sexy women running their hands over your body. Your dick returns to its full glory in moments.

Taking charge, Lita arranges the three of you in a triangle. Linda's mouth is locked onto your rod, while Lita's tongue is buried in Linda's snatch and you lick up Lita's honey from her dripping slit.

Linda clearly has experience, her mouth takes just the head of your prick in. Swirling her tongue around it, she teases your balls with her fingernails.

Judging by Linda's muffled moans, Lita must be getting her hot. You focus on pleasing Lita, and your tongue probes her depths while your fingers gently massage her clit. Her body shivers with the pleasure you're giving her.

Lita presses her snatch harder against your face. Her legs lock your head into position as you lick her nectar out of her pussy.

Linda's throat has you ready to cum. She slips your whole length in her mouth, then deep-throats exhibition while her fingertips massage your nuts.

Lita's body shivers violently, gushing out her honey onto your face. You can sense Linda's body spasm as Lita brings her to climax. Linda locks her mouth over your rod as you fire a massive flood down her gulping throat.

When the three of you regain your senses, Linda and Lita nestle against your body. "Whew!" Linda exclaims. "I feel completely drained..."

"I'm glad you came by." Lita gives her a sweet kiss.

Linda giggles. "Can I take him back to my place, or is he your property?"

Do you:

Health Horny Location:

Lita's House

MP 0
Level 5
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