"I want to do whatever pleases you, Mistress."

From Create Your Own Story

"A pleasing answer," Dorcas says with a smile. "But maybe a dangerous one for you."

She kneels down so that her face is level with yours, and reaches for your cock. She starts to pump it vigorously and you have to master yourself to avoid breaking her rule number three straight away.

"I'm going to tell you all the things I thought about after you left before, all the things that made me come while I was stroking myself. And then you can choose which one I'm going to do to you for real. I should warn you, a lot of it was about that tight little ass of yours." You gulp. "I fantasised about spanking it until it was a bright, bright red. I fantasised about fucking it with my strap-on." She keeps up stroking you with her gloved hand as she talks. "But maybe that's not your thing. Maybe you're into being my slave in other ways. I fantasised about using you as a footstool. And-- Hmm, well, no, maybe you're not ready for all of my wild side, after all. But there was one other fantasy. I came very hard from that one."

You reply:

Health Horny Location:

Dorcas's Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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