"Please tell me your other fantasy, Mistress."

From Create Your Own Story

"Are you sure?" Dorcas asks, her hand still pumping your cock. "It's quite extreme."

You nod.

"The fantasy that made me come the hardest was the one where you were my toilet slave, chained up in the bathtub for when I need to pee. And I wouldn't just pee in your mouth, though any that did land in there I'd want to see you drinking. I'd cover you in my nectar and expect you to say 'Thank you, Mistress' afterwards. Then I'd rinse you down with a cold shower and leave you in there until I needed you again. Do you want that? Or would you rather one of the other ideas?"

You reply:

Health Horny Location:

Dorcas's Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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