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FileWare (disk)
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Developed: 1978
Defunct: 1984
Platform: Many Apple computers
Related disks: Floppy disk

The FileWare disk was a higher performance alternative to the Apple II and Apple III-compatible disks. It was developed for many Apple computers of that time, but only one, the original Lisa, shipped with them. They are better known by their codename, "Twiggy".

[edit] Differences

The differences between the FileWare disks and standard 5 1/4" disks were:

  • Instead of one head, there are 2 heads.
  • The drives were different that the top and bottom heads are on opposite sides of the spindle, and each is opposed by a pressure pad. Since there is only one actuator to move the heads, when one head is near the spindle, the other is near the outer rim of the disk.

[edit] Reliability

The disks and drives proved unreliable, and by 1984, the Lisa's 2 FileWare drives were replaced by a single 3 1/2" drive manufactured by Sony. NOTE: The Macintosh prototypes had FileWare drives too, but it was replaced too.

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