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Apple Lisa
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Made in: 1983
Discontinued: 1986
OS: Lisa OS 1.0
RAM: Up to 2 MB

The Apple Lisa was the first computer commercially available with a graphical user interface. It was very expensive, costing almost $10,000 at the time. There were 3 variations of the Lisa during its history:

  • Lisa 1: 2 871 KB "Twiggy" drives
  • Lisa 2: 1 400 KB 3 1/2" floppy disk
  • Lisa 2/5: Same as above but with a 5 MB external ProFile hard drive.
  • Lisa 2/10: Same as above but with a 10 MB external ProFile hard drive; it could also be configured with an internal hard drive (a.k.a. the "Widget" hard drive).

[edit] Macintosh XL

The Macintosh XL replaced the Lisa 2/10 in January 1985. It came with MacWorks XL to emulate a Macintosh Plus with 1 MB of RAM. It was discontinued later that year.

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