Vancouver Air Privateer Society

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A now defunct organization, The Vancouver Air Privateer Society was a mandatory group for all Air Privateers operating out of Vancouver

[edit] Formation

Created after the invention of the airship and not long after the invention of the airship pirate, The VAPS was established as a way to keep control and monitor all ships and crews that decided to take up the mantle of privateer. The organization really reached it's peak with the launching of HMAS Steel Breeze, which brought better press to the rather unseemly job of paid-pirate. This time also coincided with large amounts of donations from wealthy benefactors.

[edit] Decay

As the Nation of British Columbia developed and began to write it's own laws and regulations, military ships began to effectivly do the jobs that the privateers used to do. As well, the popular ships, such as the Steel Breeze, began to fade from the public eye as they took missions farther from Vancouver, as the skies near to the city had been effectivly cleared. After a series of scandles involving privateer ships sponsored by rather dubious individuals, it was decided that all privateer ships should sign on under the military, allowing even more control and forcing a sense of responsibilty on their crews and captains. All ships either complied or quit, the Steel Breeze being the last ship to convert

[edit] Today

While non-existant, there is a now an unofficial, undergroup VAPS. This organization serves as a front and supply route for supplies to The Vancouver Air Privateer, the last and only privateer from Vancouver, technically a vigilante.

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