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[edit] History

HMAS Steel Breeze was the special project of the eccentric, but influencial Vancouver businessman Samuel Cox. Samuel had envisioned designing an aircraft that would bring fame to his corner of the world. After many months, the ship was ready for testing.

Inviting a collection of his closest friends aboard, Samuel set out on the airship's maiden Voyage. Disaster struck when the pilot Samuel had hired for the job was revealed to be a theif and scoundrel, who had the intention of stealing the ship and selling it to whatever nefarious organizations would purchase it. The theif's plan did not go quite as expected, as Samuel used his advanced knowledge or Bartitsu to subdue him and tip him overboard into the Pacific. The problem now was that no-one on board had any idea of how to pilot the airship.

By chance, or twist of fate, a young Ned Canning had snuck aboard that day. A lower class child, Ned had developed a secret love of airships and their workings. To the amazement of all, he walked to the wheel, gripped it firmly and began giving orders. Soon the Steel Breeze was safely back in port and Ned Canning had become it's young Captain, at the age of 19.

Ned collected a crew of his most trusted friends and set out privateering in the name of the Queen, sponsered by Samuel Cox. Soon, word of their deeds grew. Pirates began to fear the ship and the citizens of British Columbia followed it's exploits with fascanation. The Breeze has taken missions all across the Pacific, notable exploits being had in the Aleutian Islands, California and even Japan. The Breeze was involved in the controversial mission to retrieve secret plans stolen by the Russians in Unalaska. The Breeze was the only ship to survive the mission to the Yellow Fortress, the ships Bulldog and Achilles being destroyed. The plans, actually for the Maxwell's Demon Engine, were also ultimately lost to the ocean, later reappearing mysteriously in London.

[edit] Currently

After being damaged in a particularly brutal skirmish against pirates, Captain Canning gave the crew a short vacation while the ship was repaired and lost parts were purchased. By chance, First Mate Elisha Kettell, while on route to London to purchase said parts, found himself entangled in the complicated Boheme Affair. After receiving an update from Kettell, Captain Canning decided to move the ship to London, to complete the repairs there and to assist Kettell if needed. When APF Bohème arrived in London, the Black Ships of the Secret Service attempted to destroy it, under orders from the powerful Charles Tayle. Along with the Hattori Hanzo, the Angelus and the Boheme, the Steel Breeze succeded in eradicating the attacking fleet. Captain Canning decided it would be wisest to move the ship to Oslo to avoid complications. First Mate Elisha Kettell remained in York.

[edit] Crew


Captain Ned Canning

First Mate Elisha Kettell (Formerly)

Second Mate John Wesley Nunn (Probable Promotion to First Mate)

Engineer Lily Forward

Shipwright Ambrose Miller

Doctor Newton Chakra

Navigator Nat Whitesmith

Ship's Musician Florence Brattle

Ship's Scientist Granville Lee

Gunnery Officer Anthony Bray

Chef Enoch Yardley

Quatermaster Zen Midgeley

Chaplain Gus Winterman

Helmsman Isaiah Pinch

-Besides Officers, the ship carries 43 regular crew members

The Breeze's current placement can be found in Steam London

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