Steampunk Superheroes

From Brass Goggles

This was a story originated by Captain McCannon, and is currently in progress. It follows one Arlett Lynchwood, a young lady whose supervillain parents are killed by para-peelers - elite, winged, raygun-toting policemen, dedicated to clearing London of any and all supervillains - and heroes. Upon being forced to accept the fact that her parents were mustache-twirling villains who rampaged around London in huge, iron colossuses (well, one of them had a mustache anyway), Lynchwood takes it upon herself to continue her parents' slightly diabolical plan to fix the strange and crazy world that London has become. She also is forced to use her superpower, which, until now, she thought was utterly useless - The ability to rearrange words, or, as she puts it, "makin' and fixin' typos".

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