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[edit] Mercenaries of Fortune

The Rumor is a heavily modified Sabre class submersible. Originally used as a blockade runner and smuggling craft by a Captain Woulfe D'aspage known as one of the great smuggling kings of the Free Republic of California who operated out of the City of Lost Angels until passed onto Captain Wong Wei. Rumors (pun intended) say that Captain Wong Wei won the submersible off of Captain D'aspage in a card game others say that Captain Wong Wei simply stole the submersible right from under Captain D'aspage's nose. The truth has yet to come out.

The Rumor is sleek craft with a fish-head design. Its internal facilities are both spacious and comfortable, but still has military grade shielding and engine, along with two small cargo bays one with a retractable bay door from the top of the submersible and the other below with hidden compartments for smuggling. Since the submersible has come under Captain Wong Wei's ownership even more improvements have been made onto this already impressive craft. The main weapons of the Rumor are kept concealed under normal circumstances and only rise from hidden turrets when combat seems imminent. The Rumor is known for its two trademark offensive weapons, the first of which is its large drill attached to the front of the submersible and the second is its electrical field generator powered by sodium/mercury batteries. A favorite combat tactic of the Rumor is to ram and puncture target vessels and activate the electrical field generator.

The Rumor also has an aerial mode in which a pair of large gas bags are attached to the top of the submersible and the propulsion system is modified. But since this is a long and difficult conversion it is not typically often done and only used when overland travel is greatly needed.

Notable Crew Members

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