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[edit] The Accidental Adventurer

Some call him a rogue, others a scoundrel, but to many he is simply called a friend. Captain Wong Wei originally from the Eastern Empire of China currently calls the City of Lost Angels in the Free Republic of California as his base of operations. Mercenary captain of the submersible blockade runner known as the Rumor.


The Beijing Bandit

The Canton Calamity

Noted Accomplices

Ms. Ten (Second in Command of the Rumor)

Julius Cardeaux (Bartender and Demolitions Expert of the Rumor)

Ms. Chimo (Crew Member of the Rumor)


"So you're telling me I should've turned a left at Albuquerque?"

"We're not lost! We're on an adventure!"

"If you got the cash, we've got your back!"

Interesting Trivia

  • Suspected to the be real identity of the mysterious Inspector Fogg.
  • Known for pheasant feathers which adorn his head gear.
  • Current head of The Manicore Society.
  • Favorite weapons includes a custom single action army revolver known as Emma and a pepperbox pistol known as Ann.

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