Hellfire Club

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The Hellfire Club is an elite social club for well-bred practitioners of the occult arts to meet and advance their goals away from polite society, which considers 'magic' the preserve of the low-born.

[edit] Origin

The Hellfire Club is thought to be a continuation or revival of the 18th century gentleman's club. This is conjecture, as those who are both qualified and permitted to enter are not often willing to discuss the details of the club.

[edit] Membership

Nobody outside the Hellfire Club knows the names of any members, nor does any member typically admit to membership.

To accuse a gentleman of membership would be defamatory and invite legal action. To accuse a commoner of membership would be ridiculous. There is no list of members available to the public, the police have had no reason to demand entry and no public body has had any success in requesting entry.

[edit] References

"As the bard said - 'There is nothing good nor evil, but thinking makes it so'. This is possibly one of the reasons why I was forced to tour the east for the past few years while other Hellfire Club members are left in peace." - Christian Leyton, STEAM LONDON: Realms of Aether [1]

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