Captain Stormrage

From Brass Goggles

[edit] Past Misdeeds

Captain Stormrage was born a loyal subject of the Dowager Empress, under the name Chen Laohu. He was content, for a time, to simply enjoy life in the fishing village where he was born. However, with the British crown's dominion of his homeland, young Chen was pressed into service as an air sailor. With a solid career on board the HMS Fidelity, Chen had the money, education, and credentials to branch off on his own.

While on ground leave in London, Chen bought the remainder of his service from the captain of the Fidelity, as well as his commission, under the name Commander Stormrage (for easier pronunciation by his crews). The new commander set about looking for a ship, finally finding one that suit his taste: a gondola with a hull design like an Oriental junk, with ripples through the deep red balloon. Commander Stormrage's creditors are still paying for it to this day.

[edit] The American Civil War

The good commander was now in possession of a ship, but no crew. His best chance was with the disillusioned confederate sailors, so he flew his unnamed ship towards Charleston Harbor. In dock there, Commander Stormrage set about recruiting as many experienced sailors as he could find. It took nigh unto a month to crew the junk, but finally, he was in possession of a fully equipped blockade runner.

For months, Commander Stormrage helped ease the chokehold of the union, smuggling goods between the Confederacy and the Old World, in the newly named CSS Setzer. This continued until Charleston, and most of the south, was burned near the end of the war.

[edit] The Recovery

With his port of call destroyed, Captain Stormrage (promoted in the last days of the war) devoted his ship to simply staying alive. The Setzer now finds the old remaining libraries and museums in the former Confederacy. Her crew salvages the knowledge and stores it. They will wait for the future to see what comes.

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