CSS Setzer

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[edit] Her History

The Setzer was originally a simple trading junk, employed by the Dowager Empress. She was designed to hold large amounts of cargo, but for defense, hand carried rockets were the standard fare. With the crumbling of the Dynasty, the ship was sold to raise funds, and found itself in London.

In London, she was purchased by Captain Stormrage. The Captain flew Setzer to the Southern states, where she aided the war effort by running supplies. Her deep hull was used to trade cotton for medicine and weaponry. As a renowned blockade runner, a large bounty was placed on all members of her crew if captured by the Union, and large parties were thrown for her crew in the Confederacy.

Alas, the land war was where the CSA finally crumpled, and with her employer gone, the Setzer took to picking the bones. She is now a salvager, lifting knowledge and supplies from the ground to try and retain some degree of civilization.

[edit] Her Equipment

The Setzer is built like the ancient junks of the sea navies, but instead of sails, she carries large red balloons with long ripples. Her figurehead is that of Fortuna, the Roman goddess of luck, and the words CSS Setzer are still visible on her deep crimson hulls, painted on in silver letters.

As a trading ship, the Setzer carries no cannons, and her anti-air defense is provided using hand-held rockets, painstakingly imported from the east. These will wreak havoc on any other ship, and they are feared around the world for the devastating fires they can start on balloons. However, these are weapons of last resort. The primary weapons are the Captain's tongue, closely followed by bayonets, sabers, and then grenades, in that order.

[edit] Her Crew

The Setzer carries a largely expendable crew, replaced frequently by her Captain as punishment for infractions, or simply for a change of scenery. The only permanent member as of the moment is Captain Stormrage

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