Augustus Longeye

From Brass Goggles

Augustus Longeye is a university student who studies Psychology officially, and programming unofficially. He has been a member of Brass Goggles for quite some time, and finds it the best forum on the internet for nearly everything. He is frequently found making irrelevant comments, groaning at frequent pun wars, adding irrationality to the rational and generally making a nuisance of himself. He is quite often found in the portrayal boards, taking part in the The New World game, or the He Who Lives By The Sword game which he started. He is most often found running around like a headless chicken in Off-Topic, trying to stop his minecraft server from falling to bits. The aforementioned minecraft server is the largest Unofficial Brass Goggles Minecraft server in the world, and is frequented by many (alright, some) people. He runs several websites, one for He Who Lives By The Sword, one for the minecraft server and one unrelated to anything, all of which can be found at, and he can be reached at the address [email protected] as long as you tell him who you are, because he gets a lot of junk now from people he doesn't know and tends to delete a lot of it. He likes to sign off as; ~Longeye~

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