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Vanellia is an former resident of the AHSCA chain native of Corona Island. She's an AHSCA Elf being bred and born though she has ties to Carnelian Island and other regions around the Pacific seas. Vanellia is a white Pacific Elf

[edit] Biography

Vanellia was born on Corona Island to her mother Myoka and her father Kai. When Vanellia was still a baby her father died in an accident. While ascending a tree during a stormy evening to retrieve food he was killed when a tidal wave swept the tree away leaving Vanellia and her mother. Although her mother was very caring she still was preoccupied with her husband's death and never was able to fully recover. She didn't work and barley slept. She still cared for her and her daughter to a decent extent and put on a happy face.

Vanellia and her mother were very poor when currency was introduced on Corona. They were usually unable to buy anything including cloths so they relied on nature to give them what they needed. They relied on the help of their neighbors to keep their hut set when storms blew it away and to make sure they lived.

When Vanellia was a teenager her mother succumbed to her grief and died in her sleep. The same time she met another Elven girl named Yi-Mi another girl from a near by village. In the post-war devestation both girls decided to move in together to support each other. Both went their speerate ways. Soon later Vanellia met Imperial soldiers while bathing in a hotspring on a stormy night. She decided to wed and live with them not long after. The night was long remember and gave her a nickname storm girl.

On a holiday visit Vanellia and Yi reunited and married.

In her personal life Vanellia is a loving mother of twins and many other step-children. She's a nudist and enjoys being naked most of the time except in winter time in Imperial which get's very cold.

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