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Fuck JetLover

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Fuck JetLover (and Fuck Lenin and McCarthy too) is the main policy of this wiki. We strive to make JetLover as miserable as possible and won't stop at anything other than his abject humiliation.

[edit] What can I do in order to fuck JetLover

  • Vandalize every pre-revolution article which has not yet been vandalized.
  • Use whatever means you can to act against JetLover, both on the internet and in real life.
  • Create more anti-JetLover content. Sadly, it's not impossible for JetLover and his goons to regain control over this site somewhere in the future. We must not make their lives easy in case that happens, and the more anti-JetLover content is created the more tedious it is for them to return the sites into it's previous state. All anti-JetLover content will be welcomed to this wiki, whatever it may be in the form of poems, prose, photographs and so on.
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