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Recently I was playing AC4, I was playing "Tango Line" when I ran into two Harrier jets. I was above and behind them, while they were going through a canyon. I dove behind them and took aim at one. I score a few hits with the first one. Upon this, we encounter a turn, and the Harriers hug the mountian wall. But I take aim again, and kill the Harrier. He bursts into flames. The second Harrier opens up the throttle and puts on 300-350 knots. I up the power as well. As I do this, I overtake the flaming Harrier. Too bad I didn't take a picture, it looked pretty cool!

I chase the lone Harrier into a different section of the mountians, where he adopts a new strategy: slam me into the mountian. He repeatedly rolls the plane, trying to fool me into doing a split S. But I knew it was a trick, it would be suicidal to make such an attempt at that altitude. When he stopped rolling, I fired a burst, which sent him into the river. I pull out of the mountians to take a look at the Harrier, as it falls out of the sky like a Roman candle, and crashes into the river. Admin 22:17, 22 October 2007 (EDT)

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