Sixth Order Knowledge

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A list of devices that DuQuesne is aiming to create in the Villains RP. Outside the RP he already has access to them.



  • Arenak: A transparent but incredibly strong metal, light enough to be worn as body armour, it can survive even tank shells and the like (although the wearer may not survive the shock of impact). Approximately 500 times as strong as modern steel.
  • Inoson: The toughest and strongest material theoretically possible to create. A purple metal, many (many) times better than arenak.

Fourth Order Devices

  • Zone of Force: A reflective energy shield that cuts out all electromagnetic and gravitic effects: the result is utter and total darkness inside. Matter caught across the zone of force when it is activated is sliced neatly in two.

Fifth Order Devices

  • Inertial Compensator: Applies the acceleration of a starship drive to every atom within the starship simultaneously, allowing for accelerations that would kill a human being. An acceleration of over 120 lights is perfectly possible.
  • Beam Weapons: Capable of bypassing a zone of force, their range is measured in hundreds of thousands of lightyears (in real time).
  • Forcefield Construction: Objects can be created using forcefields rather than traditional machinery. From a single keyboard it is possible to build an entire starship - if you have the know-how.
  • Projections: A forcefield-made projection of someone. Using it gives gives the feeling of being in two places at once. A projection however has all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of being somewhere in person: a sufficiently complex one can talk, is immune to anything not blocking fifth order energies, and can be given strength limited only by the projection's generators.

Sixth Order Devices

  • Beam Weapons: Capable of bypassing Fifth Order defensive screens, their range is even greater than that of Fifth Order weapons.
  • Thought: Thoughts are Sixth Order emanations: therefore Sixth Order defensive screens can stop thoughts and the like.
  • Matter Generation: Sixth Order technology is also required to generate matter, and to dematerialise living beings. It can build extraordinarily quickly, but cannot create living tissue.
  • Stasis Field: Halts the flow of all time within itself, relative to the outside universe. A billion years might pass outside the stasis field, but no time at all would pass inside it.
  • Mechanical Brain: A gigantic construction, this is the 'middle man' in matter generation, taking a thought - eg "medium rare steak" and generating the object desired.

Hyper-Space Devices

  • Rotation: The object is forced into hyper-space for a few milliseconds of our own time, but over a week in hyper-space. Encountering the entities living there should be avoided. Returning back to realspace can result in a journey of several million lightyears, and you'll most likely end up lost when you get back.
  • Teleportation: The object is instantly teleported via hyper-space to the desired destination. The destination can be millions of lightyears away. Used once to teleport several assassins into an enemy's house, and another time to destroy several thousands of worlds by teleporting massive nuclear bombs onto their surfaces.

No-Space No-Time Talent

  • Poles of Power: These are typically three people (usually a man and two women) who complement each other's psychic abilities well. Three is the key number involved.
  • The Map is the Territory: For users of the Talent, this allows them to use a map of the Earth to alter the actual Earth, for example.
  • Capabilities: This ability was used most famously to wipe out a galaxy-wide empire by instantly teleporting stars to the co-ordinates of its millions of planets of said empire over a period of several hours.

Other Devices

  • Mechanical Educator: A headset connected either to another headset or recording device, capable of reading someone's thoughts. Can be used either to record them, transfer them to another person or as a 'booster' in a mental battle.
  • Repulsors: As the name suggests, these repel objects. Can have focused or wide-beam settings. Have been used to turn away incoming projectiles and even the air, resulting in a vacuum around the repulsor.
  • Attractor: The opposite of a repulsor.


  • Fourth Order Starship: Can be quite small. Can be built of Earth materials or better.
  • Fifth Order Starship: Typically several kilometres long. Usually built of arenak or better.
  • Sixth Order Starship: Well over a thousand kilometres across, it is more of a worldlet than a starship. Has to be built of inoson due to the stresses involved.

Seventh Order Technology

In the Fort Mayhem thread, DuQuesne discovered what he is calling the "Seventh Order". Quite what it will allow him to do remains to be seen...

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