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A characted used by Teleros, first brought in for the Villains RP.


Character Information

  • Name: Marc C DuQuesne
  • Age: 32
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Human
  • Height: 6ft 1"
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Thick black hair
  • Notes: Ambidextrous
  • Font Colour: Dark Blue


Zipping along in his massive starship, the Skylark DuQuesne, DuQuesne was suddenly yanked out and dumped on this lookalike Earth, with only what he was wearing with him (clothes, a few rare metals he traded in for cash, and his pistols). A month has passed and, now with a job in the Rare Metals Laboratory, he's established and is trying to find a way to get back to his ship or build a new one. Problem is, Earth doesn't have anything like the equipment he would need...


DuQuesne is probably the closest thing to a human robot you can get to. He's utterly cold and ruthless, his long-term goal being to improve his own lot in life. That's not to say he doesn't care about the rest of humanity: he'd like to see it prosper - but if it comes down to them or him, he'd go with himself without hesitation.
He's also not one to hold grudges: he may try to kill you today and work with you tomorrow if he feels the need to. As such he is definitely not to be trusted, but can be understood.
What does he want? Well the backstory is that he's been dumped here with only what he had on him, so he's trying to get established and get back to his enormous starship, wherever it is (or at least replace it).


  • Copper: Most of DuQuesne's technology uses ordinary copper to work, although fissile materials can be used (at least in some cases). This is done by using a mysterious metal "X" as a catalyst and a special "whatsitron" device (as people call it - it was never given a proper name by its developers). Although DuQuesne has all the "X" he'll need, he doesn't own a copper mine and foundry!
  • X-Plosive Bullets: These are fired from his two ordinary looking pistols - and indeed look like ordinary bullets. However they are definitely not. These bullets range from a Mark One (able to completely destroy a large tree stump) to a Mark Ten (multi-megaton explosion). For obvious reasons, the higher level ones are rarely used. Note that the bullets, although they work by converting copper into 100% energy, do not leave any radioactive byproducts and the like - essentially they're 100% clean nukes. A Mark Five can create a shockwave powerful enough to knock a fully grown man down 900 yards away, and a mushroom cloud ninety-odd thousand feet high.
  • Object Compass: These are like tiny compass needles set into a transparent sphere: they rotate to point at whatever it is they are set to, and are accurate at interstellar distances. One of the few things (like his bullets) he's been able to build so far.
  • Jump Pack: This is a small strap-on backpack that can achieve dangerous accelerations: you could go supersonic and into space with it. As such, it's best if you wear some protection. There's no exhaust or anything; it works instead by accelerating a copper bar and dragging the user along.
  • Sixth Order Knowledge: DuQuesne has the knowledge of how to build some phenomenally powerful weapons and devices... (un)fortunately he's not in a position to in the Villains RP, although he has them outside of this setting. This is his chief goal, and he'll use whoever he needs to aim for it.
  • Seventh Order Knowledge: Shortly after the Crossover Wars ended, DuQuesne used the knowledge he'd gained during it to delve into a whole new order, and shortly built a new ship (in the region of 10,000km across) & massive forcefield projector (about 4ly in diameter). Unfortunately, only DuQuesne knows how powerful this new technology is - and he isn't telling.


  • Sharpshooter. DuQuesne is a very good shot with a wide variety of weapons, particularly pistols.
  • Safe Cracker. DuQuesne had to learn this to get at "X" originally. He's very good.
  • Stealthy. DuQuesne has had to give the FBI the slip on many occasions.
  • Telepathy over long distances. This is only communication though, nothing else.
  • Mind control. This requires staring into the person's eyes, at which time a battle of wills will take place: if DuQuesne wins then he can mind control them, read their minds etc. Obviously, it helps if the other person is restrained etc.


  • Almost all of DuQuesne's powerful stuff relies on his science and there are obvious safety issues involved: nothing more powerful than a Mark One X-Plosive bullet can be used in a confined space, and even then it's like a bomb going off.
  • If he has it confiscated / destroyed he's effectively a sharpshooting thief with a bit of mind control thrown in for good measure.


A cookie for anyone who can PM me where DuQuesne comes from - without using Goggle, Wikipedia or other resource.
1st Prize: RichM90071

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