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A combined defence station, shipyard and research facility, Mayhem Orbital Command is the headquarters of the EGS Defence Force Home Fleet. It is presided over by Port Admiral Teleros, and the RAIs when he is unavailable.


Command Crew

  • Brigadier Robert Maxwell (Chief of Station Security)
  • Commander Henry Spears (Executive Officer)
  • Lt Amanda Hathaway (sensors & coms)
  • Lt Rachel Henderson (tactical officer)
  • Lt Bill Clifford (engineering)
  • Lt James Johnson (quartermaster)
  • Lt Peter Thompson (hangar crews)
  • Doctor-Lt Yuri Courts (medical bay)
  • Father-Lt Martin Pitt (station chaplain)
  • Font Colour: Indigo
  • 927 RAI computers are present aboard the MOC.

Station Crew

  • 38 Administrative & Command staff
  • 9,030 Technicians responsible for maintaining the MOC
  • 3,617 Researchers & Assistants, plus their families
  • 10,317 Bluejacket security personnel (including command officers)

Station Statistics

  • Accomodation: Family suites for up to 20,000 families and a barracks accomodation for 10,000 soldiers.
  • Laboratories: 2600.
  • Hangar Space: 60 Ambassador class shuttles (unarmed), space for 2000 starfighters. Cargo ships can also be loaded via the shipyard.
  • Subspace Sensors: 5000pc maximum range.
  • Realspace Sensors: Vary, 132AU maximum range for most.


Note that figures for pulse weapons are given per 0.1 second shot).

  • Raven Star Missile Launchers (2.5e20J kinetic energy per missile, 0.99c top speed; 50MT anti-matter warhead).
  • Pulse Cannons (6e26J per turret, enough to destroy the TSS Excalibur in a single shot).
  • Gravitic Beams ("encase" pulse cannon beams, designed to punch through enemy gravitic fields and the like).


Note that figures for shields are given per 0.1 second incoming shot). Shields also "hug" the hull of the ship.

  • Pulse Shields: 2.5e29J (blocks pulse weapons only).
  • Meteorite Shields: 2.5e29J (blocks physical objects only).
  • EM Field: 6.25e40J (blocks all forms of electromagnetic radiation, eg lasers).
  • Lightning Field (expanding bubble of pulse energy, designed to destroy objects it comes into contact with, eg missiles). At 2000km, the field has a power of 1MT per square metre, or 100MT at 350km. Total available energy: 2.1e29J.
  • Gravitic Shield (bends light rays etc around the ship).
  • Singularity Projector (creates miniature black holes for a fraction of a second).
  • Scythe Pulse Cannons: 4.5e12J (per barrel; 4 barrels per cannon; 5,000rpm).
  • Phase Shifter (Restores out-of-phase matter and energy to the normal phase, allowing it to be defeated by the defences).
  • Magic and Anti-Magic (etc) defences provided by Teleros.

Power Generation

  • The station runs on several Accumulator Cells. These are essentially batteries containing pocket dimensions: a single one contains more energy than the entire universe.
  • However, the surface area of the accumulator cells limits the amount of power that can be drawn from the pocket dimension.
  • Note that Accumulator Cells are perfectly safe: physical destruction will mean the energy inside is released into hyperspace, where it will go as an almost-unnoticed blip against the background energy levels.
  • The station also has a Trident Rift Generator, which draws energy from Hyperspace in order to charge up Accumulator Cells or power some systems directly.
  • Various other reactors can be built within the largest laboratories (or even outside) for experimental purposes.
  • Accumulator Cells are sited throughout the station, wherever possible as close to the system they power as possible.


  • The MOC has a gravitic drive for sublight manoeuvring within a solar system.
  • However, this is capable of reaching a maximum safe speed of only 0.3c, and is used principally to correct the orbit of the station.
  • In emergencies, any (and all) of the daughter columns (see below) can be detached and forced away from the remainder of the station.


  • The MOC is based on the design of the Jupiter Research Station satellites, and consists of a central column "Home Tower" and four "daughter" columns (named after the four points of the compass).
  • Home Tower contains most of the living space and administrative parts of the station.
  • North Tower is where most research into biology and chemistry is done.
  • South Tower is for magical and magitech research: in addition to physical safeguards it was also given arcane ones by Teleros Fireheart upon arrival. Despite this, accidents are most likely to occur in South Tower.
  • West Tower is where the most of the physics research is conducted. Many of its own daughter columns have been replaced with various pieces of exotic equipment.
  • East Tower is a shipyard capable of constructing simultaneously 12 Sirius Class Dreadnoughts (each one over 5km long, over 1km wide and over 600m in height) in just over 56 hours.
  • The dome section below the East Tower shipyard contains a factory for other objects, from foodstuffs and cutlery to armoured vehicles and prefabricated structures.
  • The part of East Tower above the shipyard is where research into physical materials is carried out.
  • Each column has a hangar capable of receiving smaller warships. Home Tower's hangar can receive ships as large as the TSS Excalibur.

Wormhole Network

  • The MOC can create wormholes to Fort Mayhem and the spaceport, allowing instantaneous transfer of personnel and materials.
  • However, power requirements mean that the wormhole cannot be more than 5m in diameter, preventing larger objects from passing through.


  • At 18,361m in height, Mayhem Orbital Command is slightly smaller than the Executor-class Star Dreadnaughts(19 km length), over 2 km smaller than the Excelsior-class Super Dreadnaughts (20.8 km), and 13.6 times the length of the TSS Excalibur.
  • The MOC, along with a scale image of the TSS Excalibur. Note that North Tower is not visible from this viewpoint. Large image.
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