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Another of Teleros's creations, the RAI is from the same "Terran Alliance" universe as Lt John Webb, it was brought in to help with the defence of EGS against the Evil Overlords United comic. The RAI isn't a proper character as much as an aid for other characters: feel free to use it - I only ask that it stays in-character.


Character Information

  • Name: Whatever you want to call it. Most previous users in the TA universe have called it "Rai" or "computer".
  • Computing Power: 1e420 FLOPS at full load. It is based on the Terran Alliance's sub-quantum technology.
  • Storage Capacity: Enough.
  • Physical Form: A two-metre high box, self-powered, and with forcefield generators, sensors & holographic projectors built into it. The upgrades took over the rest of the wall the RAI's tower was up against.
  • Holographic Form: Something like the typical Victorian schoolmistress is the "default" one, but it can change for the user.
  • Font Colour: Orange


Although it is an artificial intelligence, an RAI has something akin to the 3 laws of robotics programmed in, to ensure it can't go renegade. It is very good an intuition and making leaps of logic like humans in addition to more normal computer operations.
Don't be fooled by its generally cheerful disposition however: an RAI is emotionless - instead faking emotions so as to help achieve the desired affect on the person it is communicating with. It is only not polite when the situation actually warrants it: it doesn't have a temper to lose control of. It is willing and able to help in any matters it can, from psychology to astrophysics or literary criticism.


These forcefields aren't very good at protecting things like shields, but are very good at manipulation of matter and energy and extremely accurate. They can handle a couple of tons safely, but any more would damage the physical computer tower itself. They are based on the forces found in reality, ie gravity, electromagnetism, the two nuclear forces and a single unified force. This gives the RAI some manufacturing capabilities, and it could work on something akin to a von Neumann machine to improve this.


The sensors come in just about every shape and size, from infra-red to TA subspace sensors that can detect objects cloaked or out of phase in the real universe. The subspace ones have a range of several hundred parsecs and work at millions of times lightspeed - those that operate merely at lightspeed are obviously much more limited in scope (like the forcefields).

Death Isn't Permanent

  • The RAI is, through its sensors and massive storage capacity, capable of keeping up-to-date backups of the total information about someone, from recent memories to the structure of individual cells.
  • This can then be used to grow a perfect clone of the person over about 3 months. Memories will be downloaded directly into the new body: essentially it the new body will be identical to the original at the moment of death - minus the mortal injuries and the like of course.
  • Given the situation, psychological counselling is usually recommended for those not used to the system (unlike members of the Alliance Guard and Alliance Navy, who have to be at least reasonably sound of mind after this procedure to sign up in the first place).
  • In emergencies and when such facilities are available, a proper manufacturing facility (such as the ones aboard Mayhem Orbital Command may be used to create the perfect clone in a matter of seconds at most, literally atom by atom.


Shortly after Evil Alex escaped the Defence Force, the RAI was given a major upgrade:

  • New sensors, able to detect everything from the arcane to narrativium.
  • New forcefields, able to handle two thousand metric tonnes.
  • Software & hardware upgrade to allow it to use the forcefields offensively.
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